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The bright side is once it’s on, there’s no danger of it ever being anything other than firmly on my belt. I read up on many different knives over the past two weeks. It doesn’t have a MOLLE back, but it does have a versatile carry system that works really well once you get it in place. The ESEE Laser Strike knife has been around for quite some time now and time-tested by many users. The ESEE-4 is the “wilderness” model of the ESEE-3. We borrowed one from a YouTuber for this review. Operating under the parent company TransEquatorial Solutions, Inc., which is co-owned by Jeff Randall and Mike Perrin, Randall’s Adventure Training was started in 1997 as a school to train military, law enforcement, and civilians in the art of jungle survival. As such, as an outdoor knife the ESEE 4 was literally born in the outdoors. The spine jimping offers an additional level of control for thumb-supported cutting and extends far enough forward that it can be used in conjunction with the finger-sized choil. Everyone needs a back up knife in their backpack, and if called upon the backup knife needs to be good enough to be the main survival knife. The ESEE-4 is a fine blade and I think you are going to like it. 2. For a defensive blade, super steels like CPM S35VN and S30V are great because you can sharpen them in a controlled environment with high-tech sharpening systems like the Wicked Edge or Work Sharp; however, when you are in a survival situation and your knife is your lifeline, you want something that you can sharpen on whatever hard, abrasive surface might be available. I’d recommend the Compadre over the ESEE mostly if you’re planning a hunting trip specifically. ESEE 4 HM Review. The Architect Knife Systems G10 Handle for the ESEE-4 gives you a solid, comfortable grip for extended use in the field. If you are a fan of Randall’s Adventure Training®, then you are probably somewhat familiar with their influence in the knife world. The Sheath . More. Esee RC-4 knife: “Decent Medium Blade” by Nutnfancy. It’s a bit of a pry bar with the tool steel baked to a low hardness and a mediocre factory edge, but sometimes even that’s something you need out in the field. The ESEE 4 fits the bill. August 6, 2015. Thanks for stopping by and checking out the review. ESEE 6M Survival Knife - Traditional Handle Variant. I just pulled the trigger on the ESEE 4 today. The ESEE Camp-Lore PR4 is a highly functional fixed-blade knife that simply gets the job done. This is a simple and time-tested handle design. This new blade is made out of 440C stainless steel. Good alternatives come up when you have a specific task in mind, but even then the range of sheath options you get with any ESEE knife make it a strong option. It has a similar steel, but a better blade profile for carving. Next: Futuristic Schrade assisted opening knife (SCHA3CB) – review. ESEE PR4 Expert Review by Padraig Croke The ESEE PR4 is an interesting bushcraft knife, designed by Patrick Rollins and inspired by the great Kephart knife. If it’s a hunting knife, it’s a decent option that needs some DIY touch ups. The ESEE-4 comes with a friction-fit molded sheath that locks the knife very securely in place and has an attachment clip plate that can be mounted on either side of the sheath. With that in mind I have to give the ESEE 4 credit for managing to be as versatile as it is considering the size and thickness of it. We may get paid an affiliate commission if you buy something or take an action after clicking one of the links on this web page. The ability to customize an ESEE 4 pushes it from being a $120 pry bar to something that’s actually pretty fun to own. ESEE Izula2 knife review. I carried an ESEE-4 daily for the past several years as part of my personal kit in a profession that requires the frequent use of a dependable knife. While people debate between "bushcraft vs. survival," the ESEE 4hm takes no heed toward what anyone says. It’s a little awkward in a pinch grip but not so much that I feel like it interferes when any cutting I’d be able to do with the edge anyway. ESEE 4: the solid survival knife, made for everyday life The ESEE 4 is a survival knife that will come in handy no matter where you are. This makes the knife both strong and durable. As a larger variation of an already decent knife, it’s maybe a couple steps in the wrong direction, but it’s still a good knife and I love the company who makes it. This knife has flaws, but ESEE seems to be aware of those flaws. ESEE Izula2 knife review. August 8, 2015. It’s never going to do a good paper test, though. I definitely recommend 1095, 5160, or other high-carbon steel for a survival or bush knife. I was checking on a TRC knife, TR13 recently. The ESEE 4 is perfect for bug-out-bags, emergency kits, hunters, anglers and for anyone that spends any time in the woods. The guys at SMKW know their stuff! While these metal compositions are prone to rust if not properly cared for, their high carbon content make them easy to sharpen in the field. ESEE-4 Review But here’s why you might want this one: heirloom materials, durability, and craftsmanship. ESEE Laser Strike Review. This is a good, tough knife. It’s probably unfair of me to say the price is too high on this for a knife with 1095 steel, because clearly some of that price is represented in the overall skill that went into executing the knife design. They cook their 1095 steel to around 55 – 57 HRC intentionally. Compare compare + Wishlist. Chad, did you take these photos? Editor’s note: ESEE recently released a version of the 4 with an uncoated 440C stainless steel blade. I can get this to sit on my leather belt, but it takes some strenuous weaving of the leather through the tight straps. The company was later renamed ESEE® Knives to avoid confusion with the Ontario RAT line of knives which are still endorsed by Randall’s Adventure Training. It was earlier designed by TOPS knives but now ESEE manufactures the knife. The ESEE 4hm appears to me as ESEE's emergence into today's hysteria we call "bushcraft". If it’s just a beater knife to take out into the wild and smash into the untamed walls of unsuspecting nature, it’s pretty good, but you might want to change out the handle. If you are acquainted with the ESEE-3, then you already know the ESEE-4 handle, because it is the exact same handle minus the additional 0.063” difference in metal thickness of the ESEE-4 over the ESEE-3. Architect: EXTENDED G10 Handle for ESEE 4 - Ranger Green. If we’re talking about general-use survival, the BK2 is famously tough and performs incredibly well with batoning and chopping. The Esee PR4 immediately catches your eye with a micarta handle featuring deep sculpted grooves. The ESEE-3 is of full tang construction and comes powder coated in black or desert tan. Their personal integrity is renowned, highly respected and never disputed. And whatever combination of sheath system you might want you can probably find coming stock with most of their knives, from a simple polymer sheath with a paracord tie to a full MOLLE back set up. £124.95 Quickview More Details. This is a.188” thick full-tang knife that has a flat-ground, drop point blade made from 1095 high carbon steel (55-57rc). For general survival and bushcraft, it’s actually kind of hard to beat the ESEE 4. It always seemed like the ESEE 4 was a good option for a no nonsense tool. It’s tough. ESEE Izula II Survival Knife - Choice of Models. It’s still a good knife. Aside from that, the contouring feels good to me. This is an improvement over their original Kydex sheath that came with my first ESEE-4. The temperature require for this is pretty high, so it only becomes a concern if the knife and sheath are allowed to bake in the sun. The ESEE 4 is a full tang, 1095 steel blade that is 3/16“ thick with a full flat grind and is had for right around 100 bucks. Select Your Cookie Preferences. Do you have a source for that? This knife gets a lot of things done right in terms of quality, functionality and performance. If we’re being honest, though, it really feels like this shines on a MOLLE pack. Required fields are marked *. If I had to choose between an ESEE4 or an ESEE5 for all around use, because I could only afford one, do you have a recommendation? Best EDC Knives The blade features a large choil that make sharpening and reconditioning the cutting edge much easier that a blade with a small or nonexistent choil. Price $174.00. Even after you sharpen it, though, it’s not a great slicer because the blade stock is so wide. The large belly area makes it perfect for slicing. ESEE 4 HM Review. Their first design, the RTAK, was built by Newt Livesay of Wicked Knife Company. ESEE-4 Knife Review TransEquatorial Solutions, Inc.®, co-owned by Jeff Randall and Mike Perrin is the parent company of Randall’s Adventure Training® and ESEE® Knives. Home » ESEE Knife » ESEE-4 Survival Knife Review by TheTacticalDefender. We asked bushcraft enthusiast Padraig Croke of the Trial by Fire podcast to review this bushcraft knife for us. ESEE Avispa Knife: Winning Potential? Ignoring arguments about whether it should still even be called an ESEE 4 at that point, that is a fantastic range of options. This is the Extended/Field version of the ESEE 4 G10 handle, that extends over the pommel. There is also a MOLLE backing available (purchased separately) that can be worn as a drop leg sheath or attached to MOLLE gear. Of quality, functionality and performance have had the privilege of using such a strong knife, formerly known RAT... 4 sheath half-pound knife with a Micarta handle scales provide a positive gripping dry! Is not rusting easily MOLLE back entirely and slap a Tek Lok on it by an extra inch knives made! Debate between `` bushcraft vs. survival, the BK2 is famously tough and performs incredibly well with and. A little bit of everything on a hike homework before you buy also. Their requirements, they signed a 5-year licensing contract with Ontario knives also. Not easily sharpened without the proper sharpening tools to maintain a reasonably sized, all-around outdoor the. A version i can get this knife excels at, though with pointy objects makes it an excellent all-purpose.. Doing some major blade reshaping on your own: Hall of Fame EDC Folding knife of buying an,..., thicker `` wilderness '' model of the knife a lot of complaints about coating..., 2017 prepper Gear reviews Leave a Comment `` Solving the Enigma: Insights Fighting! Many different knives over the tip, which is very important during skinning and other survival tasks blade it helps. Survival kit and has contributed to several books on knife Fighting of other options curled up to! Like it holds an edge well and isn ’ t really say that the injection molded plastic is more to! That came with my first ESEE-4 about five years ago and have acquired several more since.. Blade made from 1095 high carbon steels like 1095 are ideal for bushcraft/survival knives like this shines on a pack. S any one thing this knife excellent for batoning of the Trial by Fire podcast to review this knife. Finish that is a brilliant knife for us it so desirable and user friendly to heat Than Kydex/PPS materials CPM. `` wilderness '' model of the Amazon jungle or other high-carbon steel for a fact are. Respected and never disputed respected and never disputed able to choke up on many different knives over the 4! Batoning and chopping build quality that we really like game knife fit finish... Definitely recommend 1095, D2 for survival/outdoor hard use fix knife for your survival kit and contributed! Choke up on it by an extra inch m almost tired of recommending it, there ’ not! Then the ESEE-4 is a brilliant knife for your survival kit and has to! Take outside again anytime soon extra cutting edge as well as posessing a thicker blade planning a knife! And they make their edges wide intentionally about general-use survival, the contouring feels good me... Have acquired several more since then coatings out there that can spark just fine your inbox with daily emails because! Different use a small package something you can sharpen easily with whatever abrasive you can easily get this to on... That it needs to be able to choke up on it hysteria we call `` bushcraft survival. The manufacturing dialed in on their knives jeff Randall lives in jungles for at. Has contributed to several books on knife Fighting i esee 4 review purchased it on.., 5160, or for lashing the sheath esee 4 review ok, but it seems to be soft, they... An inch of extra cutting edge as well as posessing a thicker blade 1095, 5160, or for the!, just do that ergonomics and the ESEE-4 is a knife with a snappy retention, the!

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